Efficient Sewer Cleaning in Washington DC

Sewer cleaning can be done in two ways.

If you want to go do it by yourself and avoid professional fees, go DIY. This is advisable when the blockage is minor. However, for more severe blockages, it is highly recommended to call professional Washington DC service techs to ensure that it gets fixed promtly and efficiently.

There are a lot of equipments available out there but the most popular is the drain snake or the drain auger. We do not encourage you to use this on your own as it might coil and cut you, some people though, prefer to do the cleaning themselves and still use this for unclogging. Drain snakes are available in supplies store but the commercial ones are available for rent at an equipment rental store.

It might sound convincing to rent and do the sewer cleaning on your own, but bear in mind that unclogging an main line is not an easy task.

How A Sewer Cleaner Looks Like

A drain snake, plumbing snake or drain auger is a long flexible cable made of metal with a cone-shaped auger at the end. The ones used by DIYer in their homes are smaller versions of the commercial ones. It resembles a snake hence the name and used by pushing its end into the clogged drain as it turns. It is flexible so it twists and turn until it reaches the obstruction without being stuck. This twisting motion hooks and pulls the obstruction out of the drain.

Types of Drain Augers

There are two types of home drain augers, one for toilets and another one for other drains. The reason why we cannot use the same drain auger on any other drain and the one in the toilet is obvious. Aside that that obvious reason, the toilet drain auger also has a plastic auger protecting the porcelain from being scratched by the metal cable and auger.

Now that you already have an idea on the physical characteristics of drain snakes and how it is normally used, ask yourself if you still want to do sewer cleaning in Washington DC on your own. We highly recommend you to call local plumbers like Plumbers 911 to ensure that your sewer problem is solved quickly and efficiently.