Hello, I’m Mark Garcia, the owner and writer of this site, www.picketfencestudios.com.

Um, no, I’m not really a great writer, but I can occasionally share some stuff that’s worthy and helpful for you to read here in my site. This online abode is where I share everything in my life. I am your typical rocker guy (err, I just love rock music) and most of the time I really enjoy playing with my guitar. You might say I have some serious talent but truthfully, no, I do not. I just do it out of hobby and because it feels comforting hearing some music played by me.

I love to cook as well and discover new dishes that are healthy and exciting. It’s my way of de-stressing, you know – to be around with foods and just cook. If you’d like, I’ll also share some of my recipes here on this site so you’ll know what dishes I’m up to lately.

More importantly, I am a man who loves doing DIY plumbing and electrical works. You may scour some home improvement tips on this blog that will surely be informative to help you out. So if you have a plumbing or electrical project in mind, or maybe you’re doing a home renovation and you need to find out where things go, then I could definitely help you out.

See you around and don’t hesitate to ask something!