Do These before Hiring a Plumber in Shawnee, KS

As you might have noticed, I have been writing about plumbing for quite a while now. It’s just something that I have been doing a lot lately after experiencing issues at home, one after another.

I am in my early 20s, and I live alone in my home in Kansas so I have no choice but to deal with any problem on my own – except when I possibly can’t, in which case I would gladly hire an expert to do the job for me. That’s what any responsible grown-up would do, right?

Pardon my frequent mention of the word ‘adult’ or ‘grownup’. I have honestly moved out of my parents’ house over a year ago, and that’s only because I was kicked out. How tragic! But no worries, point taken. I can do things mostly by myself now and I couldn’t be prouder.

plumbing-service-in-shawneeOne of the few things I learned from my experiences is that it’s fine to do-it-yourself, but do yourself a favor and do these things first before hiring a plumber in Shawnee.

  1. Familiarize yourself with your home’s plumbing system. This is better done before an actual emergency, but if you are having minor issues right now, it is still not too late to learn about it.
  2. Do your own research. These days, information is all in the web. Some say, “Everyone can be an expert.” So spend some time learning about how things work, and about what or what not to do while tackling any plumbing job.
  3. About that “Everyone can be an expert” thing, I just have to mention that again in case you take it the wrong way. You can be a great DIY plumber, but there is always something that is best left to the real pros. And please don’t call yourself an expert unless you really are.
  4. DIY safely, and if all else fail, hire a plumber in Shawnee, KS. Plumbers 911 is the most reliable company I have hired so far, and trust me in this; they are the perfect one to call if you need a licensed technician to maintain your plumbing fixtures or do repairs in your home. Call them at: (816) 429-1638.

Thanks for reading this far and I hope you learned from these tips. Peace out! – Mark

PS. Check out this video to know a few more things about Plumbers 911:


How To Search For A Plumbing Leak At Home

 plumbing-leakHey guys! Mark here, your resident music lover. Today’s post is sort of off-topic. I won’t be writing about music today. Instead, I would like to talk about the importance of fixing a plumbing leak immediately. And when I say plumbing leak, it’s either a drip from a water supply pipe or a drainage pipe. Both are equally inconvenient, if you’ll ask me. A dripping water supply pipe will surely make your water bill soar and also contribute to water wastage. A drainage pipe leak will, of course, result to more trouble. Talk about flooding and property damage! For these very reasons, it is vital that homeowners like us discover the leaking pipe and apply the necessary solution right away. If you want to learn how to find a plumbing leak on your own, here are some tips that I, myself, follow. Read on! It will be great to learn something new today, won’t it?


  1. Check your water meter. Turn the main water supply valve off and observe if the meter will still run. If it will, there’s a leak somewhere in your water supply system.
  2. If you have a hot water heater, check its tank and its pressure relief valve. A hissing sound will suggest a flow of water so you should have it inspected by an emergency plumber in Overland Park.
  3. Your toilets are vulnerable to leaking, too. Add a few drops of food coloring in the toilet tank. If the water in the bowl turns the same color, there’s a leak between the tank and the bowl. Usually, this is caused by worn out parts like the flapper.
  4. Don’t forget to inspect your hose bibs. They wear out over time and when they do, they may also leak.
  5. Lastly, you should also check your plumbing fixtures and exposed drain pipes. Don’t forget your shower heads, kitchen sink drains and faucets.

These are only some of the things that you can do to find out if you have a plumbing leak at home. For pipes that are not exposed or those that are underground, you should consider paying for a leak detection in Overland Park. There are surely a lot of trusted plumbing companies out there who can help you out!


I hope you learned a lot of things today. Let me leave you with this video that features tips on how to repair a leak.

Hello From Yours Truly!

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First of all, I want to welcome you all to my humble online abode. I decided to put up this site to share my life and my DIY know-how to everyone. So please bear with me if I’m not that great in English or if have grammatical errors. I wasn’t born a writer. You might find a lot of typos or technical writing mistakes on my posts but when it comes to DIY plumbing, electrical projects and home improvement, I swear I’m the right person to consult.

Secondly, I want to say that I am more than just a home improvement guy. I love classical literature, most especially prose and poetry. I am into rock music and you’ll find me happily playing my guitar when I’m not fixing anything. I love cooking, too. When I’m too stressed out and want to relax, I go to the kitchen and cook my favorite dishes.

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